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as a way of understanding

Mar 3

My approach to design draws from my relationship to drawing as a way of understanding. The flexibility of this practice throughout my life has led me towards cultivating an interdisciplinary skillset for visual storytelling and an approach to infusing branding into design systems.

Currently, I’m excited about drawing with ai tools to build web pages. But, formerly I’ve led the Art Direction for a wide range of local and global communities like HBO, NYCLU, Tumblr, Better, Bloomberg, Huge, and several music videos for artists like Cloud Nothings, and Big Momma.

Bridging the gap between culture and systems thinking. As an Emergent Strategy Facilitator and Artist, my strategic lens comes through my design perspective which is grounded in conflict resolution, creative wellness, and community. All great ingredients for finding meaningful conversations with people and spaces.

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I draw inspiration from nature-centered solutions, such as intersectional environmentalism, and the principles of Emergent Strategy in my design approach. My art process provides space for experimenting with facilitating trust in both in-person and digital communications with communities, teams, and organizations.

In this journal, I have shared some of my favorite principles gained from my experience at the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute. These principles serve as the foundation for my approach to teamwork and leadership in design.

Regenerative design is a methodology that seeks to create brands that renew and revitalize systems, institutions, and organizations while having a positive impact on the environment and society.

“There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have” — AMB

Emergent Strategy prioritizes adaptability and flexibility in decision-making and action, enabling organizations to effectively respond to changing circumstances and succeed in complex and unpredictable environments. By combining human-centered design principles with the adaptive nature of Emergent Strategy, communities and organizations can develop sustainable and adaptable systems.

This is a living site documenting my case studies, design archives, process, and web experiments.

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Thank you Adrienne Maree Brown