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Tree/ is the performance art and design project of Ana Vásquez in which she appropriates the means of performance marketing to co-create regenerative loops and funnels that supplant cultural erasure. Informed by her practice as an Emergent Strategy facilitator, new media artist, and brand designer, her Dominican history serves as a starting point for stoking Pre-Columbian collective memory. Employing soft power to explore intersectional myth-making and tool-building for lush ecosystems.

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Tree & Oyster

Art Direction
Visual Systems

Visual Storytelling
2022 — Present

An interactive installation that aims to cultivate cultural intimacy through intersectional decolonization practices, Tree + Oyster create loops as a ritual to stoke embodied memory to supplant historical erasure. Through myth making and tool use, they facilitate small groups co-creating bridges from the land to sea imagining sustainable ecologies.

Art Partner

‍Oyster, Jennae Santos (she/they) is a queer Filipinx music and performance artist and Babaylanic student born in the Bay Area (Ohlone territory) and based in Brooklyn (Lenape territory), with ancestral roots across the Philippines archipelago. She explores the performance of embodied songwriting and composition through rhythmic guitar loops, abstract theatre, interactive ritual, and myth-making. Santos’ work is influenced by Indigenous Filipino psychology, Kali as a decolonized combat art, the feminist occult, plant medicine and ecology, BIPOC land revolution movements, genderqueer fluidity, and pleasure autonomy.

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Robby Bowen
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